Sunday, November 3, 2013

simple sewing projects

Halloween! A year ago, we discovered the joy of halloween. Now, for us, it's not about horrible, tacky, scary things, but instead is an excuse to spend an evening with neighbourhood families who we never have other opportunities to meet! Last year, we thought the crowd was big... This year, I think there were about 60 kids, plus parents. HUGE! This noisy, costumed, sugar-loaded tidal wave of colour met at 5.30 pm and spent an hour wandering the neighbouring streets, knocking on the doors of families involved. I didn't have a costume for him, so during his nap that afternoon, I sewed felt 'bones' to his t-shirt and trackies. He completed the outfit beautifully by requesting his monster hat. His pals came for a play here before we all set off for the festivities. We managed to last until the last house before he realised there were tasty treats involved (he was just enjoying watching the big kids), when he was offered his first proper lolly. He gobbled it up, but, thankfully, didn't ask for 'more'. He was more excited by the glow stick, which we let him keep holding as he was going to sleep afterwards.

My other latest sewing project involves no cloth at all - I'm sewing gift bags out of old, torn art books, calendars, atlases, music books, and story books that I've collected over the years. They are simple, each one is unique and they turn out quite pretty. And I get to put them in Reverse Emporium's Christmas exhibition!