Saturday, February 8, 2014


Don't get excited... Not an actual hair cut, I just cut off the most persistent of his teeny little dreadlocks. But I did tape it into his baby book, so it could possibly, maybe, tentatively count as his first haircut? He isn't the hairiest of babies. Past his 2nd birthday now, he still doesn't have a great deal. People still rub his golden head for good luck. 

I always cut my own hair. Growing up, my Mom cut my hair, and I just never got used to the idea of going to real hairdressers (or paying for it). I think I've had it cut at a proper hairdresser's salon twice. The first time was when I was about 16 and my pal cut it for me, with the instructions (from me): "Just cut off all the bits that are annoying." I ended up at the local hairdressers' to 'tidy it up'. That was the day I went from having long-ish hair to having quite short hair. I have figured out some clever ways to trim, layer and thin my mop over the decades. My last attempt, a couple days ago, was a little brazen, and I ended up with a fringe which I hadn't even considered adopting just moments earlier! I think it's going to be okay.

Lately, we all get a bit excited about B's haircuts, as it means an outing to Gabba Antique Centre! Once a month, on a Sunday, they open an old-school retro barber shop in the back corner.