Saturday, March 15, 2014

a bit of reading

For a long time, he has called out "S.T.O.P. Stop!" whenever he sees a bright red stop sign - they are all over our neighbourhood. And I know he's been able to read individual letters for even longer. But I was still surprised when he saw this shirt in a shop (without the bright red octagon) and declared, "That spells STOP"!

I went, with a couple of friends, to see Love Song Circus, by Katie Noonan and Circa at QPAC. It was sensational. Katie had written a beautiful suite of songs based on her research into real women who had traveled to Australia as convicts. Three women from Circa performed breathtaking dance/acrobatics as a visual interpretation of the music. It was such a privilege to attend and such a vibrant way to learn some untold stories from our nation's history. This is the lyric sheet which was provided, full of real stories of pain and courage. I've left it in the kitchen and it's been really interesting to read it in snippets as I go about menial tasks.